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Fiddle School is a structured program to guide you on your fiddle journey. After teaching 100s of students over a 25-year span, I’ve crafted beloved fiddle tunes to help fiddlers feel at home on the instrument, confident in jam sessions, and experience the joy that comes with musical growth.

The culture of fiddling – community, jam sessions, and passing tunes on by ear — is what motivates me to practice day after day. It’s this tradition and thrill of musical connection that I hope to pass along to you. — Katie Glassman

  • Are you starting fiddle later in life?
  • Returning to the instrument after years?
  • A fiddler wanting to improve your skills?
  • A classical violinist wanting to learn fiddle?

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The music is in your hands.

Find it with Fiddle School!

Lesson 22 - Western Swing, 43 Videos Included

Katie is making me a confident, self motivated fiddle player!

Katie’s patience and attention to detail accompanied by her ability to articulate, “how to produce a desired result,” have proven invaluable to my learning experience. Her personality and work ethic set the bar for fiddle instruction and her enthusiasm and ability to customize my instruction to my current skill level provide me with positive feedback and a successful learning experience.

Eric Michieli » Denver, CO

Katie’s expertise took my playing to the next level!

When I first came to Katie, I had a lot of enthusiasm for fiddling, but I didn’t know how to achieve an authentic sound. Not only was Katie able to fine-tune my techniques, she helped me learn how to critique my own sound, and empowered me to be my own player. Katie is an articulate, inspiring and supportive teacher, who is dedicated to creating rich learning experiences. She will always be my go-to for all things fiddle!

Christine King » Cleveland, OH

Katie consistently pushes our girls to be their best selves.

She is a true inspiration and a wonderful role model. Positive, encouraging, and highly motivating. Our girls love their fiddle lessons with Katie and always look forward to their time with her!

Tiffany Dietrich » Casa Grande, AZ

Working with Katie has been an obvious inflection point in my fiddle playing journey…

…and has helped me truly understand the basic fundamentals of playing which create a much stronger base to move forward with faster. As someone who played for a year or two as a kid, quit (regretfully) and is now re-learning fiddle, it’s been amazing working with Katie who has answers to my playing questions, solid methods for practicing and un-learning bad habits. Her work ethic and passion influence all of her students and fans and she’s keeping the Texas fiddling tradition alive in Colorado.

Emily Sheehan » Denver, CO

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Practice Buddy
Your Bow Hold
Lesson 1

Practice Buddy
Lesson 10 Intro
Lesson 10

Eighth of January
Lesson 6

Pig Ankle Rag
Lesson 12

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Fiddle School teachers

Katie Glassman

Katie Glassman

Katie Glassman is that rare musician who possesses a combination of instrumental virtuosity and powerful musical expression. She is one of the country’s most renowned and decorated Texas-style and swing fiddlers, as well as an accomplished songwriter, singer, and a highly sought after teacher. Based in Denver, Colorado, Katie toured and recorded with The Western Flyers, and currently leads her own band, Katie Glassman and Snapshot. She also maintains a thriving private teaching practice and travels to teach at music camps throughout the country. Since she began her Fiddle Parlor teaching studio in 1994, Katie has been enthusiastically educating Texas-style fiddlers of all ages, many of whom have gone on to become National and state champions. Read more…

Celeste Johnson

Celeste Johnson started taking violin lessons when she was five, and soon after discovered Texas-style fiddle. She decided to focus her efforts on fiddle and entered her first contest just a year later. Since that first contest, she has traveled around the nation to compete and has won numerous Colorado state titles and two regional championship titles. Celeste’s favorite contest is the National Old Time Fiddle Contest in Weiser Idaho, where she became the National Junior Junior Fiddle Champion in 2010 and 2011 and the National Junior Champion in 2015 and 2016. Celeste’s passion for fiddling also makes her a passionate teacher who seeks to help her students foster their own love for fiddling. She has been teaching for over five years and is thrilled to be working as the online lesson teacher for Fiddle School.

WHY it works

Practice Buddies

Guide your practice with these short videos on essential techniques so you create the right habits from the beginning.

Listening resources

Listen to your Fiddle School tunes on audio or video. Listening is the shortcut to an authentic fiddle sound.  

fiddle Tunes

Learn arrangements by ear that set you up for success. Each tune is tailored to make you a more fluent fiddler one step at a time.

Play-along Tracks

Play along with slow and fast accompaniment to transform your tunes from notes to music. It’s better than a metronome; it’s real life! 

Private lessons

Stay on track with progress reports and private lessons. One-on-one support keeps you motivated and connected.

fiddle school retreats

Become a better fiddler with a weekend of musical immersion and small group instruction. Jam, learn, and build musical friendships.

Here’s some of what you’ll get!

Step-by-step lessons

favorite fiddle tunes to learn

Play-along tracks

Instructional Videos

Frequently asked questions

What level player is fiddle school designed for?

Session 1 is the foundation. If you haven’t played in years and want to brush up on your techniques, if you play classical and want to bridge over into fiddling, or if you are just beginning, Session 1 is for you. Each Session is comprised of 12 lessons, each intended to last one month. 

Session 2 is designed for the intermediate fiddle player. It delves further into bowing and left-hand technique, musicality, variations and how to bring your playing to life. 

Many of our students are very experienced and have played for years, however, they wanted to get to the next level. By going back to foundational techniques, even advanced players have improved significantly using Fiddle School Sessions 1 & 2.

What style does fiddle school teach?

Fiddle School is taught from a Texas-style fiddle perspective. You will have the opportunity to learn breakdowns, waltzes, rags, polkas, Western Swing and swing tunes. Many of the standard tunes crossover into other fiddling styles. But, we also get into the history and specific fiddle greats in Texas-style fiddling. We also offer webinars on swing improvisation. 

What songs are taught in Fiddle School?

Every lesson includes two fiddle tunes taught step-by-step and by ear. These tunes correlate to the techniques being presented within the lesson. Tunes are taught in sequential order with learning videos and sheet music. The sheet music includes chords (the book includes lyrics), and many of the tunes have harmony parts.

Session 1: Boil the Cabbage, Liza Jane, Oh! Susanna, I Don’t Love Nobody, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Goodbye Liza Jane, Peek-A-Boo Waltz, The Girl I Left Behind Me, Arkansas Traveler, Arkansas Traveler Variation, Red River Valley, Eighth of January, Tennessee Waltz, Redwing, Soldier’s Joy, Corrina, Corrina, Bonaparte’s Retreat, Marie, Golden Slippers, Liberty, Tears on My Pillow, Wind That Shakes the Barley, East Texas Drag, Old Joe Clark, Pig Ankle Rag!

Session 2: Dixie Hoedown, Streets of Laredo, Turkey in the Straw, Florida Blues, Texas Quick Step, Soppin’ the Gravy, Walk Along John, Red Fox Waltz, Missouri Waltz, I Don’t Love Nobody Variation… 12 more coming in 2020.

What if I’ve never played the fiddle before?

Fiddle School is designed to get the inspired fiddler started. It’s never too late to start, we can also help you get a great fiddle. Fiddle School is built to develop all of your foundational skills and get you started in the comfort of your own home. We also offer complete beginner webinars several times a year, as well as in person retreats three times a year (although those are on hold right now due to COVID-19).

Does the subscription include private lessons?

There is an additional cost for private lessons and progress reports. To sign up for a private lesson, click on the lessons link and you will be guided through the process of how to pay and schedule your lesson time. What is a progress report? You send us a video of you playing one fiddle tune and we send you video feedback. One-on-one feedback will help you reach your goals!

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