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Mastery Orientation

Fiddle School Slow Jam #1

Practice Room #1A – Katie

Practice Room #1B – Theory Review with Adam

Medium Slow Jam with Katie & Adam

Spring Coffeehouse

Medium Jam with Katie & Adam

Mastery Tech Office Hour

Mastery Coffeehouse #2

Musicianship Class: Finger Patterns for Dexterity

Musicianship Class: Vibrato Hour

Musicianship Class #3: The Art of Fine Tuned Intonation

Musicianship: My Favorite Fiddle Recordings

Theory Brain Workout

Musicianship: Listen Compare & Contrast – Bowing Studies

My Favorite Western Swing Record

Musicianship: Perform with Confidence

Musicianship: Secrets to Transcribing

Final Mastery Plus Musicianship Class