Session 1: Texas Fiddle Foundations contains 12 month-long lessons that are the foundation of my fiddling philosophy. Whether you’re starting from scratch, picking up the fiddle after years away, bridging over to fiddling from classical, or just looking to improve, Session 1 contains all of the how-tos. From technique to musical style, you’ll learn tunes and gain the ability to bring them to any jam session or performance. Depending on your level, you can use the tunes as your core repertoire or as vehicles to learn new techniques. Each tune is carefully crafted to help you internalize good bowings and bowing techniques. After learning the Fiddle School tunes note for note and bow for bow, fiddlers will develop an instinct to bow correctly.

Session 2: How to Reach Your Next Level is designed for the intermediate and advanced intermediate fiddle player. With lessons in sequential order, Session 2 begins with three intermediate lessons covering The Integrated Bow Arm, Left Hand Essentials, and Music Theory. Session 2 moves into advanced intermediate territory with nine Texas-style contest tunes, then delves further into bowing and left-hand technique, practice methods, performance tips, variations, and how to progress at higher levels.

Session 3: The Advancing Fiddler is releasing one new lesson each month in 2022. Its 12 lessons include shifting, vibrato, trick fiddling, and so much more. Crafted to build your skills in sequential order, this Session will include Texas-style fiddle tunes with five to ten additional unique parts each for advanced fiddlers. We, the Fiddle School team, cannot wait to share these new tunes and techniques with you! Stay tuned.

Many of our students are very experienced and have played for years. They wanted to get to the next level. By going back to foundational techniques, even advanced players have improved significantly using Fiddle School Sessions 1 & 2.