• Texas Style Fiddle 
  • Western Swing
  • Early Jazz Melodies
  • Old-Time Texas Fiddle

Fiddle School’s sequential program is friendly to fiddlers of all genres. The Texas-style tunes are nearly all traditional and include Civil War songs, Celtic melodies (played in a Texas style), waltzes, and classic pop songs from the 1930s-50s. Session 2 includes many Western Swing twin and triple fiddle songs, as well as a couple of cowboy crooners. Session 3 will include a whole bunch of surprises within the above genres. What will be different? Staying true to my step-by-step program, I’ll teach lots of variations. Nearly all of the Fiddle School songs are suitable for either a square dance, country dance, or swing dance. All of these tunes are a breakdown, waltz, or tune of choice in the Texas fiddling repertoire.