Fiddle Lounge

Welcome to the Fiddle Lounge, where you can have all kinds of fiddle fun between practice sessions. Here you can connect with other fiddlers in our VIP Facebook group, listen to and watch lots of great music as well as find resources for instruments, accessories and books. There will be a live office hour with Katie or Celeste each week in the Facebook group, where you can have your questions answered personally.

Click here to download all Session 1 audio tracks, complete with a folder of listening tracks with fiddle and guitar for every song.

Click here to download all Session 2 audio tracks, complete with a folder of listening tracks with fiddle and guitar for every song.

The listening tab has hours of fiddle music for you to enjoy! We’ve put together three YouTube playlists, one of versions from the Fiddle School course, one of our favorite fiddlers and one of Katie playing in a variety of settings. We also have the listening tracks for each tune taught in the course so you can keep them fresh in your ears.

The materials tab is a list of the equipment I use and recommend, like rosin, shoulder rests, strings, cases and more.

Looking for a fiddle? We can help you get a quality instrument whether you’re just beginning or want to upgrade. Look in the instrument tab for contact information.


Office Hours

Office hours are one of the most exciting perks of Fiddle School. The one-hour event takes place weekly on Zoom at this link: You can check the Events page for the scheduled Office Hour times. Office Hour is an opportunity for students to ask me questions directly. I love the questions; they keep me challenged, and it’s exciting to hear how engaged everyone is from week to week. In this setting, students can also learn a lot from each other — it’s a lively forum.

I use Office Hours as a place and time to be present for questions, offer feedback as issues arise, and to check in with students as they journey through the Fiddle School program. Office Hours have also been a nice place for us to get together and play a couple of tunes from the Fiddle School repertoire. I find that it’s one thing to work on tunes in the program, but it’s another thing to hear them come to life every week! Hope to see you there.

If you feel inspired, feel free to send me your questions in advance to: I’ll begin with these and continue on to the live questions.

Each month, you’ll receive an email with the Office Hour schedule for the month. For another perspective, I’ll have my assistant instructor, national champion fiddler Celeste Johnson, lead the Office Hour once a month. The Office Hour video will be posted in the Facebook VIP group for review.

VIP Fiddle School Facebook Group

Your Fiddle School subscription comes with a membership to the VIP Facebook group. This is your key to joining the global Fiddle School community. Send a request to join the group and our admin will accept you. This is a safe environment to connect with other Fiddle Schoolers and share what you’re working on, tips, questions, and stories. We also want to see and hear you play, learn your fiddling story, know your favorite players and of course, see pictures of your cats! So, keep those fiddle videos coming and remember to comment on them as new ones are posted. It takes a lot of courage to post a video of yourself and I encourage the community to be supportive and constructive in their feedback.

Click below to join

Facebook group link:



A great fiddler once told me, “learning to play the fiddle takes 7 years of playing and 7 years of listening.” You’ve got to know what great playing sounds like to be great yourself.

On this page, we’ve included playlists of all of the tunes you’re learning in Fiddle School. That way you can hit play and let them really sink in. If you’d like to download all the play-along and listening tracks, click here to download Session 1 tracks and click here to download Session 2 tracks.

On this page, you’ll find our YouTube playlists:

  1. Various artists playing the Session 1 songs
  2. Various artists playing the Session 2 songs
  3. Favorite Fiddlers playlist
  4. Katie Glassman Channel
  5. Fiddle School YouTube Channel
  6. Office Hour Library – Coming Soon….

Session 1 Video Playlist

We’ve curated this video playlist with various artists playing all of your Session 1 songs.

Session 2 Video Playlist

We’ve curated this video playlist with various artists playing all of your Session 2 songs.

Favorite Fiddlers

We’re always adding to this playlist which includes performances by our favorite fiddlers!

The Katie Glassman Channel

Here are all kinds of fun shows, promo videos, and contests I’ve played over the years. Enjoy!

Fiddle School Youtube Channel

And we have created a YouTube channel where we share learning videos, student performances and interviews.