We’re delighted to showcase Seiji Ueda in our fiddler spotlight today! Seiji, a dedicated learner and integral member of our Mastery 4 cohort in 2023, is set to advance to Mastery 5 next year. His ever-positive outlook, evident joy in playing, and ceaseless focus on improvement never fail to inspire me every time I hear Seiji. The sentiment is shared by his classmates. It’s a true privilege to witness Seiji’s musical journey and growth.

Read on to discover more about the joy, positivity, and commitment that define Seiji’s approach to music within our Fiddle School community.

How long have you been playing?

I began to play the fiddle when I was a university student. It was almost 40 years ago. I’ve played the fiddle off and on since then.

How did you start fiddling?

When I was a high school student, I happened to find out that my grandfather used to play the violin. I borrowed his violin. Then I started to practice the fiddle.

How has Fiddle School influenced your playing?

Fiddle School and Mastery have had a great impact on my life. First, I have the privilege to take lessons from great contest champions, Katie Glassman and Celeste Johnson. Second, Mastery classmates always keep me motivated to practice. Third, I can learn English (lol).

What’s the most important thing music brings to your life?

If you play music, you can make friends with a lot of people in the world. Also, you will never be bored with your life.

Tell us about the musical activities you do outside of Fiddle School.

I am a member of two amateur bluegrass bands. In addition, I just began to take Irish fiddle group lessons.

What is your practice routine like?

I practice three-octave scale, two-octave third and sixth double stops as basics. I practice one key a day. Then I play tunes from Fiddle School and my bluegrass bands.

Anything else you’d like us to know about your musical life?

It is great for even a person of my age (64 years old) to learn something new every day. Learning new tunes and getting tips from other fiddlers is a great joy.

Join us in celebrating Seiji’s inspirational musical journey at Fiddle School. Stay tuned for more spotlights on extraordinary fiddlers shaping the vibrant musical community we cherish.