Today, we are beginning our “Fiddler Spotlight” column. Every so often, we’ll introduce you to a fiddler who we think you’ll enjoy getting to know. To start us off, here’s a dear friend who I grew up with: Luke Price.
I met Luke at Weiser (the National Oldtime Fiddler’s Contest) way back in 1994 when we were young fiddlers soaking up the scene at thePhoto of Luke Price smiling and holding the first place trophy at the National Fiddle Old Time Championships. festival. I appreciated his playing right away—and I also appreciated just how much fun he is to jam with. Over the years, it’s always been exciting to compete with him at fiddle contests (one year we tied at the Colorado State Championships and played 19 songs before he was finally declared the winner)—but beyond all that, we’ve had lots of fun just jamming together with our buddies in the campgrounds, which is something I always look forward to at contests. And hey, if you’re coming to the Fiddle School Mountain Retreat in August, you’ll get to jam with Luke too as he’s going to be one of our teachers this year!

A few thoughts on Luke as a musician: he really is a one-of-a-kind fiddler, that guy who’s creative and tasteful and plays phrases you’ve never even thought of, all while also sounding traditional and honoring the greats. How does he do this? He has his own style and voice. Close your eyes at the contest or jam circle and you know it’s him every time. Luke’s focus on groove and innovation are both hallmarks of his high level of musicianship. And let me tell you, it is so much fun to have him back you up on guitar too. Oh, and for you cocktailers, Luke can make a heck of an Old Fashioned. Good to know.

So may I introduce to you, Mr. Luke Price.

About Luke: Luke Price is a multi-instrumentalist performer, composer, and studio musician based in Portland, OR. He has his roots in American fiddling and swing traditions, which have influenced his rhythm, taste, and style as they have spread into Soul, Jazz, Pop, and Americana. Luke brings a unique voice to any music he plays, whether he’s on the fiddle, electric guitar, or singing.

Growing up in Boise, Idaho, Luke began competing in fiddle contests and playing around the country. He’s won a plethora of contests, awards, and scholarships. He is a four-time (and current) National Fiddle Champion. His love for rhythm and improvisation born out of these traditional music styles led him to Boston, MA to attend The Berklee College of Music, where he met his now wife and musical partner, Rachael Price, to form their Soul Pop band, “Love, DEAN.” After graduation, they moved to Portland, OR where they continue to play, teach, and write.

Luke has played with a variety of outstanding musicians and always tends to bring some good times to any music he’s making. He is known for his taste, rhythm, tight harmonies, and inventive ideas. He has toured, played, and recorded with folks including Tony Furtado, Scott Law, Jesse Harper (of Love Canon), Stephen Malkmus, Lee Ann Womack, Tristan and Tashina Clarridge, Simon Chrisman, Ben Krakauer, Matt Hartz, and John Hermann.

Luke’s website:


Here’s a snippet I took from the stage during Luke’s 3rd round at the National Oldtime Fiddler’s Contest 2022! Can you tell that this is I Don’t Love Nobody? Enjoy it!