Do you struggle with getting your left and right hand to sync up? Many people do. Grab your fiddle right now and let’s tackle this with one simple exercise.  

Find your trusty metronome (you knew I would say that) and set it on a slow beat, maybe 65 bpm to start. Then start playing quarter notes, syncing each one exactly with the beat. Don’t worry about your left hand at this point; just play one pitch and focus all your energy on bowing evenly.

When the even quarter notes feel more automatic, switch to playing eighth notes (still only one pitch) and make them just as rhythmically even as the quarter notes. 

Make sure you don’t move through these steps too fast. Follow each step of the exercise until you can do it reliably. Now, once you manage to get consistent, rhythmic eighth notes (and not before!), try playing a scale. Keep your bows even. 

Here’s the clincher: don’t try to sync your left hand to your right hand. Instead, sync both your left hand and your right hand to the metronome. Keeping a slow pace is key here.

Once your hands are in sync during your scales, try applying these same concepts to your tunes. Use the metronome to ground the timing of both hands and go slowly.

How did this go for you? What other challenges did you discover? Let us know in the comments!