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Katie Glassman


Katie Glassman

Katie Glassman is that rare musician who possesses a combination of instrumental virtuosity and powerful musical expression. She is one of the country’s most renowned and decorated Texas-style and swing fiddlers, as well as an accomplished songwriter, singer, and a highly sought after teacher. Based in Denver, Colorado, Katie toured and recorded with The Western Flyers, and currently leads her own band, Katie Glassman and Snapshot. She also maintains a thriving private teaching practice and travels to teach at music camps throughout the country. Since she began her Fiddle Parlor teaching studio in 1994, Katie has been enthusiastically educating Texas-style fiddlers of all ages, many of whom have gone on to become National and state champions. Read more…

Celeste Johnson

Celeste Johnson’s roots in Texas-style fiddling reach all the way back to when she began playing at five years old. She grew up in Arvada, Colorado, where she discovered her passion for fiddling and nourished it thanks to the wonderful fiddle community in Colorado. She entered her first fiddle contest when she was seven and has since continued on to become a five-time national champion fiddler in her division, the 2019 Walnut Valley Fiddle Champion, a repeat state division champion, and a judge at several fiddle contests.

Celeste’s passion for Texas-style fiddling has also grown into a passion for teaching it. She strives to help students become solid, authentic fiddlers firmly rooted in the tradition of this music and the example of the great fiddlers who made it what it is. In addition to growing her own teaching studio, Celeste has been teaching and working with Fiddle School since its beginnings in 2016.

Texas-style fiddling is one of Celeste’s favorite things to do, listen to, and talk about. She also loves speaking French, swing dancing, reading, and exploring.