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    Jamming Skills – Use the Fiddle Theory 101 Toolkit

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    Wednesday, July 20
    5:00-6:15 PM MT (Come live or catch the recording!)

    The 75-minute (Zoom) Jamming Skills class will cover:

    • Application of “notes as numbers” in real-time.
    • How to use theory to help sound out a melody on the spot.
    • Tips for identifying chord progressions.
    • How and when to play backup (chords & chops) on fiddle.
    • Use scales and chord tones to play solos and fills on classic singing songs.

    You can either attend this class live or purchase it and I will send you the video after the class.

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    Theory 101: A Fiddler’s Toolkit – Recorded Series

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    “That was a great class! It takes music theory to a whole new level.” Heather Bennett

    The word got out about this course and we’ve had tons of requests from fiddlers who’d like to join. We hear you, so we’ve reopened the registration — to access the entire recorded course — you won’t miss a thing. Sign up now to receive the class videos and teaching materials from Building Blocks #1-4.

    Thinking of each concept as a tool, learn the process of applying theory to your fiddle playing.

    Here’s a sample from our toolkit:

    • Find your way around your fingerboard
    • Understand major & minor scales and how to use them
    • Navigate key signatures like a pro
    • Learn the basics of intervals and why they’re your friends
    • Notes as numbers can help you jam – or play with anyone!
    • Understand how chords are built and find that dream double stop

    …and so much more. I’ll see you there!

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    Swing Improv Workout 10-Pack

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    • Autumn Leaves: Jazz – playin’ the changes
    • Maiden’s Prayer: Western Swing – Hot “A” licks
    • Pennies From Heaven: Swing – Swing feel and rhythm


    • Major chords: Swing, jazz, and Western Swing licks
    • Surprise Tune
    • Dominant Chords: Swing, jazz, and Western Swing licks
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    Texas Tunes 9-Pack

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    Texas Tunes returns in September!
    1st, 2nd, and 4th Wednesdays at 5 PM MT

    Purchase your 9-pack now, and lock down your spot in this popular webinar for the fall!


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