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    Holiday Favorites

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    Holiday Favorites
    With Katie Glassman
    Sunday, December 12th, 5:00 PM MST
    Level: All Levels Welcome 

    Ticket price is for your entire household. A songbook with lyrics, melody, and chords is included!

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    Texas Tunes Jam Session

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    Celeste will be joining me on guitar and we’ll be playing:

    • Durang’s Hornpipe
    • 50 Years Ago
    • Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down
    • Cattle in the Cane
    • The Girl of My Dreams
    • Black & White Rag
    • Honey Boy
    • Sweet Memories Waltz
    • Florida Blues — with the variations
    • Queen of the West
    • Portsmouth Hornpipe
    • Bill Cheatum
    • Sopris Waltz
    • Ragtime Annie
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    Mastery 2

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    I developed the second level of the Certification course to give intermediate fiddlers a next step to develop sophistication in their playing and take musical leaps into new territory. This course is there to support your progress every step of the way. 

    To that end, Mastery works as an invigorating companion to the online program. With Mastery students, I’m able to coach them and track their progress while answering questions and giving real-time feedback on elements of the Fiddle School curriculum. 

    In Mastery 2, we’ll be working on Session 2 topics such as That Dang Bouncy Bow, Left Hand Tension, How to Practice Like a Champion, and a host of other topics  — including intonation! And the consistent feedback the course provides will help fiddlers stay on track, refine their sound and make key adjustments. 

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    Mastery 1

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    I created Fiddle School to give fiddlers of any level the tools and skills to grow by following my tune-based, step-by-step approach. Using crafted versions of classic tunes, my students learn the techniques, feel and style that the greats learned. I love supporting fiddlers as they level up and seeing my students become a community and develop their own supportive, motivating culture. 

    The Mastery Course gives me the opportunity to work with students in regular monthly sessions. It’s a thrill to coach and guide each fiddler and witness the extraordinary growth that my students have shown. I look forward to guiding you, inspiring you, and being a part of your continued growth. — Katie Glassman


  • Swing Improv Workout – Monthly Class Pass

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     Want to become a better improviser or get some fresh new ideas? Come join us. In December, we’ll work out on the 30s classic, Home. Playing in the key of C, we’ll cover two very common chord progressions, a 2-5-1 (ii-V-I) and a short turnaround (IV – IV#dim – I – VI – ii – V – I). As always, I’ll break things down and take the mystery and stress out of the improv equation.

    • December: Home
    • How to solo centered around the melody
    • How to memorize chord progressions
    • How to jump straight to chord tones
    • How to get a natural swing feel/groove
    • How to find and use tasteful/cool notes
    • Jazz language
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    Swing Improv Workout 10-Pack

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    • Autumn Leaves: Jazz – playin’ the changes
    • Maiden’s Prayer: Western Swing – Hot “A” licks
    • Pennies From Heaven: Swing – Swing feel and rhythm
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    Texas Tunes 9-Pack

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    Upcoming 2022 Texas Style Tunes classes:

    • January 13, 20, 27: Breakdown – Arkansas Traveller (Major Franklin version)
    • February 3, 10, 24: Waltz – Old South Waltz
    • March 3, 10, 24: Tune of Choice – Clarinet Polka


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