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    Fiddle School Virtual Jam: Session 2

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    One of my favorite parts of summer is playing music with other people. Join us at this jam session to make new connections and play your favorite Session 2 tunes in a fun, relaxed environment.

    If you’re looking for a place to try out the new tunes you’ve been learning, this jam is the perfect answer. We’ll play tunes from Lessons 13-18 of Fiddle School at a nice, slow, groovy tempo where you can really shine. You are welcome to follow Katie on guitar or Celeste on fiddle.

    This jam is a place to grow your comfort zone, build community, and most of all, enjoy the music! Take this opportunity to practice your skills and enjoy jamming with other Fiddle Schoolers.

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    Swing Improv Workout – Monthly Class Pass

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    Want to learn to how to improvise? Want to become a better improviser? You have to start somewhere, come join us. July Swing Improv Workouts 18 & 19 will cover Western Swing improv on the Cindy Walker song, Sugar Moon. Workouts include:

    • How to solo centered around the melody
    • Use the Faded Love licks over Sugar Moon
    • How to build a tasteful Western Swing solo
    • How to get a natural swing feel/groove
    • How to find and use tasteful/cool notes
    • Learn to use Western Swing double stops
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    Swing Improv Workout 10-Pack

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    Are you very dedicated to learning how to improvise? Searching for a way to practice improvisation? Looking for jazz violin, swing improvisation, or Western Swing improvisation classes? Look no further. These ongoing classes are for you! The 10 pack offers a great discount on 5 months worth of classes/workouts. Together we work out on swing rhythms, the melody, playing the chord changes, learning licks, chord shapes, and jamming. Buy your 10 pack now and pause it at the start of any month. 

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    Texas Tunes 6-Pack

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    Upcoming Texas Style Tunes classes:

    • July 1, 8, 22: Hornpipes – Portsmouth Hornpipe & Queen of the West
    • August: OFF
    • September 2, 9, 23: Breakdown – Billy in the Lowground
    • October 7, 14, 28: Waltz – Sopris Waltz
    • November 4, 11, December 2: Tune of Choice – Ragtime Annie
    • December: OFF


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    Texas Style Tunes: Hornpipes

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    When I sit down to play at a jam session, there’s a 90% chance that I’ll begin with a two-part hornpipe or reel. These tunes are perfect for setting a groove and getting onto the same page as your backup players. Beginning with a hornpipe or reel can improve the quality of your entire jam session. That’s why I’m going to teach two of my favorites this month, Portsmouth Hornpipe & Queen of the West!

    In Texas fiddling, the Celtic influenced hornpipes and reels draw up a vast part of the repertoire. As fiddlers, these are the tunes that really get our chops in order and get us warmed up. Every fiddler should have 5-100 of these two-part tunes in their repertoire!

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    Mastery: Session 1 Certification Program – Module 3

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    While continuing to hone your technique, Module 3 builds your repertoire with a vast variety of fiddle tunes. You’ll learn solid versions of classics from Liberty and Wind That Shakes the Barley, to the Gene Autry Waltz Tears on My Pillow and the early 1900’s bluesy East Texas Drag. By the time you reach Lesson 12, you’ll be ready for the shuffle bowing in our much more complex version of Old Joe Clark and our twin fiddle version of Pig Ankle Rag. In addition to bowing work, Module 3 also covers how to relax in mind and body through physical exercises and check-ins that also contribute to a relaxed frame of mind.

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    Mastery: Session 2 Certification Program – Module 3

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    Module 3 of the Mastery: Session 2 Certification Program includes Lessons 21, 22, 23, and 24. These four lessons take us through the completion of Fiddle School Session 2! Here is the long moment that lots of you have been waiting for: it’s time for building speed! This is the skill that many fiddlers dream of, and it doesn’t come easy. The good news is that by the time you arrive at Lesson 21 in the Mastery program, you will have the foundation and repertoire that you’ll need to build speed with success.

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    Practice with a Coach – 4 Class Pack

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    Do you ever feel lost when you pick up your fiddle, like you don’t know what to practice? Or do you feel like your practice sessions don’t help you in the way you need? These are common problems, but they’re solvable. Enter practice coaching.

    Think of it like a class at the gym: you do your own workout, but the instructor’s at the front of the room, guiding you through that workout with a unique flow and ease. In these sessions, you’ll get your own practice time in. I’ll be here practicing alongside you and helping you develop flow, efficiency, and intuition. We’ll practice how to solve your own practice problems so that when you practice alone, you always know what to do.


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    Practice with a Coach: Session 1 – Single Class Pass

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    Practice Coaching: Session 1 workouts are designed to go hand in hand with Katie’s Mastery: Session 1 Certification Program. You’ll develop flow, efficiency, and intuition as we work on one corresponding Session 1 lesson each month, including:

    • Specific warm-up exercises
    • Common tripping points in tunes
    • Practical ways to practice the skills checklist from each Session 1 lesson
    • Custom practice tips and techniques for each Fiddle School tune
    • Performance strategies to help you ace your mastery performances
    • How to use your time efficiently to prepare for your next Mastery class meeting
    • How to move past old habits and get more out of your next class
    • A detailed, written, day-by-day practice plan for that month’s lesson


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