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    Practice with a Coach: Session 2 – Single Class Pass

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    Practice Coaching: Session 2 workouts are designed to go hand in hand with Katie’s Mastery: Session 2 Certification Program. You’ll develop flow, efficiency, and intuition as we work on the corresponding Mastery Session 2 lesson each month, including:

    • Specific warm-up exercises
    • Common tripping points in tunes
    • Practical ways to practice the skills checklist from each Session 2 lesson
    • Custom practice tips and techniques for each Fiddle School tune
    • Performance strategies to help you ace your mastery performances
    • How to use your time efficiently to prepare for your next Mastery class meeting
    • How to move past old habits and get more out of your next class
    • A detailed, written, day-by-day practice plan for that month’s lesson

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