Guitar Back-Up 1


Join the Jam! Back up your fiddle friends on guitar!

Class topics include:

  • How to hold a pick
  • How to strum on breakdowns, waltzes, and rags
  • How to incorporate bass notes into your strum and sound like a Texas-style guitar player
  • How to create a groove so that every fiddler wants to play with you!
  • How to read a chord chart
  • Learn the three most common Texas-style fiddle tune progressions

This recorded series includes three 90-minute classes, handouts, and practice recordings.


Join the Jam! Back up your fiddle friends on guitar!

I meet so many fiddlers who say to me, “I wish I could play backup guitar, or “I’m going to learn how to play guitar one day.” I also meet so many fiddlers’ partners who want to jump into the jams and play but don’t know where to start. Is this you or your partner? Well, guess what? Today is your lucky day! Fiddle School will be hosting our first-ever Beginning Guitar Back-up class.

You’ll get three 90-minute recorded classes including handouts and practice recordings.

Pre-Requisites – Upon purchase, we’ll send you a chord chart with G, C, D, A, and E. Please do your best to learn those 5 chords before diving into the videos: We’ll teach you the rest!