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Fiddle School Book Volume 1 (New Edition!)


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Fiddle School Book Volume 1 is a must-have for:

  • Fiddlers
  • Jam Sessions
  • Anyone wanting to learn to play with other musicians!



Fiddle School Book Volume 1 contains the 24 fiddle tunes I teach in Session 1: Texas Fiddle Foundations of my online academy. The Session 1 program is designed for first-time fiddlers, players wanting to level up, or those who have taken a break from playing and are ready to jump back in.

The tunes are all traditional and include Civil War songs, Celtic melodies played in a Texas-style, and classic pop songs from the 1940s. All of these tunes are a breakdown, waltz, or tune of choice in the Texas-style fiddling repertoire. I have included the chords to each song for your buddies who play guitar, piano, or bass. Four of the tunes have twin fiddle harmonies, so invite your friends over to share the gift of music with this small book.