Fiddle School Starter Kit

$20.00 / month


Pay Monthly – $20/month

Do any of these questions apply to you…
Have you always dreamed of playing the fiddle?
Do you want to pick up your fiddle again after years off?
Do you feel stuck and want to improve your playing?
Are you a classical violinist and want to learn fiddling? 
My Starter Kits are built specifically to meet you where you’re at and give you a quick and easy way to play your fiddle with a clear step-by-step program that you can do at your own pace. Once you’ve completed the Starter Kit of your choice, you’ll beready to jump into the Fiddle School Program. When you buy this Starter Kit, you’ll also receive a 10% discount code to become a Fiddle Annual Member and you’ll be well on your way to developing a repertoire of fiddle tunes as you level up.
Which Fiddler Are you? There are 3 different Fiddle School Starter Kits, depending on where you are in your fiddling journey. Take a moment to figure out which one will be the best fit for you. The New Fiddler Starter Kit: For the Complete BeginnerThe Restarter Kit: For the Returning Violinist Who Took a Break (this one is also great for classical violinist who want to fiddle), The Tune Up Kit: For Intermediate and Advanced fiddlers who have playing experience and want to level up.

This Membership Includes 3 Kits

New Fiddler Starter Kit

The New Fiddler Starter Kit is built for the complete beginning fiddler. If this is you, you’re in the right place. To get started, I’ll guide you as we unpack your fiddle together. You’ll then learn everything from the anatomy and parts of the instrument, to how to care for it, and my foundational positioning and posture techniques. The New Fiddler Starter Kit has four comprehensive Units. You’ll feel very knowledgeable about the fiddle by the time you complete the this Starter Kit. And You’ll have all the tools you’ll need to begin playing fiddle tunes in Lesson 1.
Unit 1: Your Practice Space, String Names, Accessories 
Unit 2: The Bow – Bow Arm & Bow Hold
Unit 3: Let’s Play – Left Hand & Posture 
Unit 4: Put it all Together: Bow Rhythms, Place Stickers on the Fiddle


The Restarter Kit

The Restarter Kit is for those of you who played as a kid or teen (or really anytime in life) and then took a break. You’re returning to the instrument so, you don’t need to start from the beginning, but a quick review will help you to restore all of your skills. The Restarter Kit is composed of two Units. Since most people watching this Starter Kit once played in orchestra or took/take classical lessons, I’ve geared this towards learning about the ins and outs of playing fiddle tunes. This Starter Kit has everything you’ll need to jump into the Fiddle School repertoire of fiddle tunes.
Unit 1: Your Practice Space, Fiddle Bow Hold, Fiddle Bow Arm, Posture
Unit 2: Reflections on Genre, Stylistic Differences, Fiddle Culture, How to Learn By Ear, Genres of Fiddling


The Tune Up Kit

So, you’ve played fiddle for years and have some experience with jam sessions, contesst, or playing concerts. But, it’s difficult to figure out how to “level-up.” The Tune Up Kit is for you! The advanced intermediate and advanced fiddlers with 7 + years of playing experience. In the Tune-up Kit, I quickly take take you through my philosophy and technique of playing fiddle tunes. You’ll most likely find that the positioning tweaks feel a bit different, don’t worry, these will all come together as you jump into the Fiddle School repertoire of fiddle tunes.
 Unit 1: Your Bow Arm, Bow Hold, and Bow Stroke, Left Hand Posture
Unit 2: How to Learn & Craft Tunes, The Importance of Listening, The Genres of Fiddling


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