Fiddle Tune Memorization Made Easy




Monday, October 12th at 1:00 AM MDT

I hear so many students say “I can’t memorize a song! Can you give me the sheet music this? It’s going to take me forever to memorize this, how do you do it?” I’ve taught for long enough to know that EVERYONE has the capability to be a good memorizer, you just have to use the right tools to feel comfortable. Learn how to tune in to your natural instincts to learn and memorize by ear. Learn how to remember a song for years to come and feel sure-footed as you play in a jam session. Gain the ability to play a song by memory even under pressure or amidst jamming multiple songs. This class will give you all of the tools and confidence to build your memorized repertoire. Once you gain these tools, you’ll really feel like a true fiddler! 


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