Guitar II: Intermediate Guitar Back-up


Class topics include:

  • How to improve your rhythm
  • How to strum with a groove
  • How to solidify the F, F#m, Bm, D#0 and C#0 chords
  • How to play up the neck using closed chords
  • What to listen for while the fiddler is playing
  • How to make a simple chord progression fancier

You do not have to be present to take the class, the video will be sent out afterward. However, guitarists who are present will receive personalized feedback.

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Guitar II: Intermediate Guitar Back-up
November 1, 8, 18 from 4:00 – 5:00 PM
Level: Intermediate

Are you an intermediate or above guitar player? Do you want to learn how to play those cool moving bass lines and passing chords to back up Texas-style fiddlers (and use these techniques to jazz up your rhythm playing in many styles)? Well, this course is for you! In our Level 2 Guitar Back-up course, we’ll give you the tools, techniques, and style to join (or start) a smokin’ fiddle jam session!

Note: If you’ve taken our previous guitar webinars and have played some backup at our camps and in jams, this course can be a great opportunity for you to level up.

Prerequisites: Have the Texas style “straight” G progression, D progression, and A progression memorized. Have some facility with the F, F#m, Bm, D#0and C#0 chords.

You’ll get three 60-minute classes including handouts, recordings, and all class videos.


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