Irish Jig Set

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St. Patrick’s Day Jig Set
With Katie Glassman
Monday: March 8

Time: 4 – 5:15 PM MST
Level: Intermediate
Tune Type: Jigs

Every Thursday night from 4-8 grade, my mom used to take me to Irish jams at Swallow Hill in Denver. At first, I’d get pretty disgruntled because I only wanted to be playing Texas-style fiddle. But over time, I discovered that there was some shared repertoire and that some of the tunes had really beautiful melodies. Every week, the leader would pass out a sheet of music until we assembled quite a book – a book that I still have to this day. In fact, I dust it off every St. Patrick’s Day to reconnect with those happy memories of my childhood musical Ireland and those unforgettable tunes. I find that it can feel great – and very invigorating — to play a different fiddle style that’s only a small side-step from the usual repertoire. This year, I’ll be teaching a set of 2-3 Irish jigs (time depending) by ear for you to share with your Zoom friends on St. Patrick’s Day. So, come join me and let’s get our 6/8 on! Everyone loves fiddlers on St. Patrick’s Day! Okay, everyone loves fiddlers every day, but they really love ‘em on St. Patty’s. Let’s bask in the love and give ‘em what they want (jigs!) – and be the life of the Zoom party too!



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