Jamming Skills 2


Week 1: Common Country Chord Progressions – Learn how to navigate classic country songs with chords, melody, bowing, and embellishments. Learn 1-4-5 finger patterns, finger blocks, secondary dominant chords, and more on tetrachords.

Week 2: Common Pop & Folk Chord Progressions – These are the progressions you’ve heard all your life. Play your favorite pop tunes on fiddle! Ear training: How to hear chord qualities, intervals, and chords.

Week 3: Playin’ the Blues – It’s one thing to learn how to play Folsom Prison Blues, but it’s another skill to learn how to incorporate blue notes where you wouldn’t expect them. Learn blue notes, double stops, and riffs to spice up all kinds of solos.

Week 4: The Minor Keys – Relative minors, parallel minors, harmonic minor, and natural minor scale. Using popular songs of the 40s – 70s, learn everything about minor keys and scales.