Listening Library


Included are four one hour Radio Hours with Katie Glassman as our DJ, over 200 downloadable tracks, and 40 pages of historical handouts. She takes you on a ride listening to every legendary fiddle in each genre — there’s nothing like it!

  • Country & Western Radio Hour
  • Western Swing Radio Hour
  • Texas Style Radio Hour
  • Mastery Plus Musicianship Class: My Favorite Fiddle Albums (includes the albums)
  • My Favorite Swing & Jazz Fiddlers: Handouts & Recordings Only (if I ever find the video, I’ll add it in)
  • BONUS: Women of Country Music with Celeste Johnson!


The Listening Library is one of the most special things I’ve ever curated. I spent hours sifting through my favorite recordings of my favorite musicians. So much of this music is archived and not on any streaming services. And yet, it’s my absolute favorite music on the planet. I host a Radio Hour at every online camp that we host.

During this hour, I am the DJ. This product includes the video of the Radio Hour, over 200 Downloadable tracks, and my handouts (over 40 pages of historical content on these great fiddlers is included). Since I had so much fun putting this together, I added a wonderful Mastery Plus Musicianship class on My Favorite Fiddle Recordings. With this, I share 8 of my favorite Texas style jam session albums! The bang for the buck with this product is incredible!

As a bonus, I’ve included Celeste Johnson’s presentation on Great Women in Country Music, and her handout is gorgeous!