Mastery 1x 2023

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Fiddle School’s Signature Live Course
One-Year Session 1 Certification Program

Mastery 1 Certification meets three Tuesdays per month at 6 PM MT and one Monday per month at 5 PM MT. All classes are recorded and posted in an archive for future viewing.

“The Mastery program holds me accountable for learning the tunes and skills in Katie’s brilliant step-by-step pedagogy, and does so in a fun way that encourages relationships with other students.” Ingrid Gebavi – Mastery 1 & 2 graduate and current Mastery 3 student

Begins January 3rd 2023 at 6 PM MT.
All new students must apply here
or schedule a free 30 minute discovery call with Katie here.
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Mastery 1 Certification is based on the curriculum of Fiddle School's Session 1: Texas Fiddle Foundations. Mastery covers one Session 1 lesson per month, beginning with the foundations of fiddling such as Bow Hold, Bow Arm, and Proper Left Hand Technique. Mastery 1 will solidify your foundation in every way!

CLASS SCHEDULE / STRUCTURE: Classes begin in January 2023 and meet three Tuesdays per month at 6 PM MT (and one Monday per month at 5 PM MT).

1st Tuesdays - Masterclass with Katie Glassman
2nd Tuesdays - Student Study Group
3rd Tuesdays - Fiddle Tune Study & Workout with Celeste Johnson
4th Mondays - Practice Room at 5 PM MT
Plus - Virtual Jam Sessions and Coffeehouses, Dates TBD

Mastery Video Posts: Twice a year, you get to post a video of yourself playing one fiddle tune in the Fiddle School Private Online Community. This is Katie's favorite way to coach you -- she'll then post an in-depth video response for each student with her feedback. We encourage every student to watch the other performance videos, comment on each other's posts, and take advantage of the amount of instruction in Katie's feedback videos.

Jam Sessions: Twice a year, all Mastery students will be invited to attend a Zoom jam session. It's a great opportunity to maintain your repertoire, play for fun, and see how well you know your tunes. Extra bonus points if you set up a live jam session in your area.

Coffeehouse: NEW THIS YEAR: Mastery fiddlers will be invited to participate in Coffeehouses. This is a casual (online) performance environment for you to share a tune of your choice. Plus, it's a great opportunity to get to know one another!

Final Certification Performance: The last class of the year will be our final performance where you perform 6 fiddle tunes of your choosing from Session 1. We ask that you perform your tunes with guitar backup tracks, without sheet music (memorized). After demonstrating proficiency with Session 1 skills, you will receive a personalized, signed Fiddle School Mastery 1 Certificate.

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