Mastery 2

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I developed the second level of the Certification course to give intermediate fiddlers a next step to develop sophistication in their playing and take musical leaps into new territory. This course is there to support your progress every step of the way. 

To that end, Mastery works as an invigorating companion to the online program. With Mastery students, I’m able to coach them and track their progress while answering questions and giving real-time feedback on elements of the Fiddle School curriculum. 

In Mastery 2, we’ll be working on Session 2 topics such as That Dang Bouncy Bow, Left Hand Tension, How to Practice Like a Champion, and a host of other topics  — including intonation! And the consistent feedback the course provides will help fiddlers stay on track, refine their sound and make key adjustments. 

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“My goal is to master the fiddle.  I’m convinced that Fiddle School is the best and most efficient route for me to accomplish that.  The Mastery component holds me accountable for learning the tunes and therefore the skills in Katie’s brilliant step-by-step pedagogy and does so in a fun way that encourages relationships with other students.  Having a set time to meet with my Fiddle School buddies, share our experiences and play for each other motivates me to learn the tunes and play them solidly. Honing a tune until it’s ready to post in our Facebook group and then receiving my fellow students’ feedback and encouragement is very gratifying.  I’m finding that the Mastery program is key to my progress.” — Ingrid Gebavi (Crested Butte, CO. Mastery Student)

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