Mastery 4 2023

From: $100.00 / month for 12 months

Fiddle School’s Signature Live Course
One-Year Session 3 Certification Program

Mastery 4 Certification meets Mondays at 4 PM MT (and one Monday per month at 5 PM MT). All classes are recorded and posted in an archive for future viewing.

[I am] playing much more complex tunes, at much greater tempos, with ever-increasing confidence in my ability to comfortably do so. [Mastery] has made me a more disciplined learner. I am confident that would not have occurred had I not been a Mastery member. Bob Davis – Current Mastery 3 student

NEW in 2023!
Mastery Plus (Optional Addition)
• Monthly Private Lessons with Katie
• Additional Musicianship Class (no extra preparation required)
• Early registration for the Mastery Retreat
• Spots are very limited and only available to Mastery 3 and 4. Click here after adding Mastery 4 to your cart!

Begins January 2nd 2023 at 4 PM MT.
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