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Morningstar: Beginner Fiddler Package


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Beginner Fiddler Package!

Get one free year of Fiddle School when you purchase a Morningstar Fiddle. A free year of Fiddle School will be automatically applied to your cart.

Click here for a video demonstration of the Morningstar Fiddle Outfit & Beginner Package!

This outfit comes with the Morningstar fiddle, the Eastman 1304 case, and a BL20 Pernambuco bow.

The Morningstar is named for a favorite Texas-style waltz (and it also happens to be the name of the preschool my mom founded in Denver!). This fiddle provides a remarkable sound, visual beauty, sturdiness, playability, and affordability. It is rare to find a student-grade instrument constructed of such quality spruce and maple tonewoods as the Morningstar; a unique feature of this instrument is that it’s made of Romanian tonewoods. Other features that make this instrument among the finest student models available are the ebony pegs, chinrests, fingerboards, and inlaid purfling. When I play this fiddle, it has that sweet and gentle sound that you want to hear when you’re starting to get comfortable playing the fiddle.

The Case: Eastman 1304

Cordura nylon withstands tears, scuffs, and abrasions. Quality hardware and 3-layer wooden shell ensures years of protection for your violin. The case includes a music pocket, two backpack straps, an accessory compartment, two bow spinners, and a shoulder rest compartment.

The Bow: Eastman BL20

These entry-level Brazilwood bows allow students on a budget to enjoy the advantages of hand-made quality. Starting with strong, aged Brazilwood sticks, Eastman bowmakers construct bows the old-fashioned way. Ebony frogs fully mounted in nickel silver and mother-of-pearl, leather and imitation whalebone grips, and quality unbleached Mongolian horsehair all contribute to a bow that will assist and reward a beginning player’s efforts.


The Fiddle Parlor Violin line is a brand new addition to Fiddle School. We wanted to provide rich-toned instruments that are reliable and affordable for everyone, from newcomers to intermediate players to advancing fiddlers. Not only that, we wanted to bring to you a fiddle that is set up with all of the features that we recommend in our program. No need to spend time thinking about set up issues or whether a new prospect will be something you can count on. We’ve got you covered with our line.

These instruments are handmade products of Eastman Strings curated with my guidance and selected by me to suit the needs of fiddle players. We’ve worked together to bring you an instrument ideal for fiddlers. With low action, a bridge shaped exactly like mine, Prim strings (my favorites), and set up adjustments like fine tuners (every fiddler’s best friend) plus my favorite chin rest – and bows and cases to match each fiddle.

From our entry level songbird, The Lark ($600), to our premium fiddle, The Lockwood ($2,500), we’ve got four levels of fiddles to suit your needs, with our lively Morningstar ($700) and the warm Old Fashioned ($1,650) filling out the ranks. Also, before you buy the instrument, you should know that either Celeste or I (two national champion fiddlers) have played your instrument to open it up and make sure everything sounds great. So, when you get that fiddle in your hands, you’ll know that it’ll be as ready to go as you are. All of our Fiddle Parlor Fiddles have that seasoned look and sound to help you enter any jam session or performance with confidence.

Outfits come complete with bow, case and fiddle. Again, I selected and set up these instruments to make sure you have a great new addition to your fiddle family!