Swing Improv 1-Month Pass


Swing Improv Workouts
with Katie Glassman
1st, 3rd, and 4th Thursdays
Time: 4-5:15 PM MT
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

IMPORTANT DEADLINE NOTICE: To make sure you are registered for the month of your choice, please purchase your monthly pass by 11:59 PM MT on the first Wednesday of the month (the night before the first class). If you purchase after this deadline, you will automatically be signed up for the following month. Please be advised that monthly passes have a limit of 1 per order, and can only be applied to the nearest upcoming month at the time of purchase. 

January-March 2024 Tunes:
For the best value, purchase a 3-Month Pass to be automatically registered for the following series of classes (9 classes total):
January: Honey Pie – January 4, 18, 25
February: Old Fashioned Love – February 1, 15, 22
March: Careless Love – March 7, 14*, 28

*Date change for March


Swing Improv Workouts

1st, 3rd, and 4th THURSDAYS from 4-5:15 PM MT

Honey Pie
Key: C
Dates: January 4, 18, 25

Here’s a video of my band, Katie Glassman & Snapshot, performing at Dazzle Jazz in Denver, CO at my CD release concert in 2011. (My secret trick in the middle will have to be for another webinar – hehehe.)

In light of the most recent Beatles release (if you haven’t heard it, it’s magical) I wanted to teach a song from the White Album, Honey Pie, written by Paul McCartney. This is a great tune to bring into swing circles! You may have to show folks the chords, but they sure are classic swing progressions.

In this workout we”ll:

  • Sing the song
  • Work out in increments: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5
  • Learn the chord progression, including the 1 to the flat 6, and the dominant 2 to the dominant 5 chords
  • Learn Western swing and swing licks
  • Engage in the double stops that can fill throughout this melody

Old Fashioned Love
Work Out the Keys: Learn the melody and chords in D, C, and G.
Dates: February 1, 15, 22

This is one of the most standard Western Swing tunes there is! And yet, every band plays it in a different key. Why? This is a very particular song to sing, so every singer has to find their right key. This workout will help you unlock your attachment to the key that you’re in.

  • Learn to hear the sound of the melody and transpose
  • Imprint the chords in numbers
  • Move the chords through the keys
  • It’ll be a workout, but easier than you think – and of course, I’ll throw in some classic Western Swing licks!

Careless Love
Dates: March 7, 14*, 28

*Date change for March

Rework and reuse all of the skills that you learned in Bring it On Down to My House Honey. This chord progression is similar, but different. Internalize the chords, and learn to highlight the most important notes on the chord change.

Chord Progress:

  • How to use shout choruses over the chord progression
  • Work the chords with the Bring it on Home Skills
  • Develop a tried and true chord workout
  • Rhythm workout through the chords
  • Use the blues


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