Archived Texas Tunes


New to Fiddle School? Had to miss a month of your favorite webinar? Enjoy learning tunes from past Texas Tunes series!

Included in your purchase:

  • Recordings of two 90-minute classes. Learn the tunes step-by-step over the course of the first two classes and hear performances/feedback in the final class (speed adjustable)
  • Listening tracks to get the tune in your ear before you begin learning it (high quality WAV file)
  • Handouts including sheet music with notes and chords. Though I recommend learning it by ear!
  • Play-along track for you to jam along with after learning each part (download and adjust the speed)


The Texas Style Tunes Series has become one of my favorite classes to teach – these tunes are advanced! I’ve loved Texas-style fiddling since I began playing it in 1988. Following the great fiddlers from state to state, collecting old recordings, going to contests all over the country, recording jams, and playing in jams –– it’s become my mission to keep this music alive and make it more accessible to fiddlers who’d like to learn how to play it. The repertoire is vast and the variations upon the melody are nuanced, varied, and engaging. The bowing style is very specific and becomes so much easier when someone breaks it down and shows you HOW to do it!

In this series, every three months, I teach a breakdown, a waltz, and a tune of choice. And yes, I spend lots of time carefully crafting these tunes just for you. When I teach them, I also show you how to “make them your own.” We have a great time meeting three times a month. I use the first two classes to teach the tune by ear and show all of the stylistic how-tos. The third class is reserved for each fiddler to perform their rendition. And boy howdy, every fiddler always has their own unique style and way of playing a tune. The authentic artistry that I’ve heard fiddlers achieve in this class blows me away.

As time has gone by, I’ve never repeated a tune, however, I’ve received countless requests to re-release certain tunes that folks would like to learn. So, it is finally happening. Today, we’re releasing Carroll County Blues. And there are many more to come. As I release these pre-recorded super webinars, I’ll be including only the first two classes. Though the third class is so valuable, I’ll save my coaching — which is a fabulous experience — for the live classes only.

I hope you enjoy these unique webinars. I love this music, and I look forward to jamming with you somewhere, sometime down the road!