Summer Series: Texas Style Tunes – Breakdown

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Summer Series: Texas Style Tunes – Breakdown
With Katie Glassman
Thursdays: June 18th, 25th, July 9th, 6:00 PM MDT
Level: Intermediate
Tune Type: Breakdown

Texas-style fiddle tunes are my heart and soul. With a rich history, driving rhythm, and beautiful longbow technique, they make the fiddle sound perfectly beautiful. After studying Fiddle School, you’re ready for this three-part summer series. The series includes a full 8 part breakdown, a traditionally bowed waltz, and a tasteful rag arrangement. Learn the origin of the tune and intricacies of each developed variation. This first class in the series features a breakdown arrangement of 8 parts – Durang’s Hornpipe. Breakdowns are the driving force and my favorite types of tunes in the Texas fiddle world. These are two-part tunes that have 8 bars per part and are suitable for square dancing. Generally hornpipes or reels, Texas-style breakdowns have built-in variations that were passed down from generation to generation from the 1930s to the present.

This class will demystify the bowing technique of breakdowns and help you delve deeper into how to play Texas-style. I’ll teach the tune step-by-step, by ear, over the course of two class times. The sheet music and a guitar back-up track are included. After learning the whole tune, you’ll have an off week to solidify, smooth, and memorize Durang’s; In the third class, I’ll offer individual feedback on how to sound your best and how personalize the tune. After the entire Texas Style Tunes series (June – Breakdown, July – Waltz, August – Rag) you’ll know a 5-minute fiddle contest round or three fantastic traditional Texas-style tunes to jam and blow people away with. Either way, everyone’s a winner!


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