Texas Style Tunes: Hornpipes

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When I sit down to play at a jam session, there’s a 90% chance that I’ll begin with a two-part hornpipe or reel. These tunes are perfect for setting a groove and getting onto the same page as your backup players. Beginning with a hornpipe or reel can improve the quality of your entire jam session. That’s why I’m going to teach two of my favorites this month, Portsmouth Hornpipe & Queen of the West!

In Texas fiddling, the Celtic influenced hornpipes and reels draw up a vast part of the repertoire. As fiddlers, these are the tunes that really get our chops in order and get us warmed up. Every fiddler should have 5-100 of these two-part tunes in their repertoire!



 Summer Series: Texas Style Tunes
With Katie Glassman
Thursdays: June 3, June 11, and June 24
Time: 6:00 – 7:15 PM MST 
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Tune Type: Hornpipes – Portsmouth & Queen of the West

Texas-style fiddle tunes are my heart and soul. With a rich history, driving rhythm, and beautiful longbow technique, they make the fiddle sound perfectly beautiful. We’ll learn this as a 5-part tune with all of the classic variations.The Texas Style Tunes webinar has become one of my absolute favorite classes to teach. Each month we rotate between learning a breakdown, a waltz, or a tune of choice. These are all tunes suitable for fiddle contests.

Learn the tune step-by-step, by ear, over the course of two class times. The sheet music and a guitar back-up track are included – but I highly recommend learning the song by ear along with me. After two consecutive classes, you’ll get a week off to solidify, smooth out, and memorize the fiddle tune; In the third class, you’ll perform your rendition, and I’ll offer individual feedback on how to sound your best and how to personalize the tune.

Upcoming Texas Style Tunes classes:

  • July 1, 8, 22: Hornpipes – Portsmouth Hornpipe & Queen of the West
  • August: OFF
  • September 2, 9, 23: Breakdown – Billy in the Lowground
  • October 7, 14, 28: Waltz – Sopris Waltz
  • November 4, 11, December 2: Tune of Choice – Ragtime Annie
  • December: OFF




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