Texas Tunes 3-Month Pass


Texas Tunes Series
1st, 2nd, and 4th WEDNESDAYS at 5 PM MT

With our Winter 2023 Series 9-pack, you’ll gain an entire advanced contest round!

  • January: Breakdown – George Booker
  • February: Waltz – Golden Fiddle Waltz
  • March: Tune of Choice – Limerock

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Texas Tunes 3-Month Pass
1st, 2nd, and 4th Wednesdays
Time: 5:00 – 6:15 PM MDT
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Q1 2023 TUNES
  • George Booker
  • Golden Fiddle Waltz
  • Limerock

The 3-month pass is our best value ($5 off per class). With your purchase, you are automatically registered for 3 consecutive months (9 classes) of Texas Style Tunes. Going forward in 2023, these 3-month passes can no longer be paused, but you will continue to receive recordings and materials for every class so you can still participate on your own time.

Texas-style fiddle tunes are my heart and soul. With a rich history, driving rhythm, and beautiful longbow technique, they make the fiddle sound perfectly beautiful. The Texas Style Tunes webinar has become one of my absolute favorite classes to teach. Each month we rotate between learning a breakdown, a waltz, or a tune of choice. These are all tunes suitable for fiddle contests.

Learn the tune step-by-step, by ear, over the course of two class times. The sheet music and a guitar back-up track are included – but I highly recommend learning the song by ear along with me. After two consecutive classes, you’ll get a week off to solidify, smooth out, and memorize the fiddle tune; In the third class, you’ll perform your rendition, and I’ll offer individual feedback on how to sound your best and how to personalize the tune.





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