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The Lockwood Electro-Acoustic


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We have two left in stock. Get one of these while you can! This outfit comes with The Lockwood Electro-Acoustic fiddle, the Eastman mini-cello case, and an Andreas Eastman One Star Pernambuco bow.

“When I first plugged in the Lockwood Electro-Acoustic I was completely blown away by the clarity of the pickup. It sounds as natural as can be. I’ve played on dozens of pickups professionally over the years and have never run across one that fits on the instrument so cleanly and sounds so resonant. I bought the first one that came in — not only does the instrument sound great acoustically, I know that I can plug it in, jump right on stage, and be happy with my sound!”Katie Glassman

The Lockwood is named after the legendary French jazz violinist, Didier Lockwood (who was also my former teacher!). Crafted from aged European tonewoods, the top is German spruce and the back is a beautifully flamed German maple. The Lockwood fiddle has a lovely classic appearance – you can see the wood grains as soon as you open the case. It looks like a fiddle that has lived, and it sure plays like one too. Its hand-applied, antique style, multilayer “spirit varnish” gives it that old look to go with a high end, even fancy feel that you want every fiddle to have.

This fiddle comes with some power: it will be heard at a jam session of any size. But while it can give a lot of volume, the sound remains well-balanced and warm, with a large dynamic range. This fiddle also can handle a diverse array of jobs: it can smoothly drive a fast breakdown or go big and full for waltzes — and it has the resonance and tonal clarity that I like for those jazz and western swing classics.

The Case: Eastman Mini-Cello Series

This hard-shell case is gorgeous! Constructed from a foam-injected polycarbonate shell, this case is both durable and lightweight (just 5 pounds, to be exact). It includes high-quality metal latches, a durable protective weatherstrip, and ultra-padded backpack straps for comfort. The detachable pocket on the back holds a laptop or iPad and has dividers for sheet music and notes. There’s also a subway strap for carrying options. Open the case to see your beautiful fiddle, two bows snugly held in place by magnetic holders, rosin compartments, and a shoulder rest holder below. This soft, padded, protective case is elegant and optimal for protection and portability.

The Bow: Andreas Eastman One Star

The model 90 is from the Andreas Eastman workshop. Following the tradition bowmakers have adhered to for centuries, it has silver mountings. The wood is of exceptional quality, hand-carved to reveal its full tonal and aesthetic potential. This is a very well-balanced bow.


The Fiddle Parlor Violin line is a brand new addition to Fiddle School. We wanted to provide rich-toned instruments that are reliable and affordable for everyone, from newcomers to intermediate players to advancing fiddlers. Not only that, we wanted to bring to you a fiddle that is set up with all of the features that we recommend in our fiddle program. No need to spend time thinking about set up issues or whether a new prospect will be something you can count on. We’ve got you covered.

NEW! Introducing our two Electro-Acoustic fiddles. The Lockwood Electro-Acoustic and the Nightingale Electro-Acoustic are warm and rich acoustic instruments that can also be plugged in for a natural amplified sound. With a lightweight jack hidden in the endpin and an internal pickup, you wouldn’t even know that this instrument plugs in by looking at it. The cable is a 1/8″ inch to 1/4″ jack.

I personally selected these handmade Eastman Strings instruments to suit the needs of fiddle players. With low action, a bridge shaped especially for fiddlers, Prim strings (my favorites), and set up adjustments like fine tuners (every fiddler’s best friend), these fiddles are ready to accompany you on every musical venture. Plus, each fiddle comes with a bow and case to match.

Try our entry-level songbird, The Lark, or step up to the warm Old Fashioned. For advancing fiddlers, try our premium fiddles, The Lockwood and The Nightingale. Before you buy the instrument, either Celeste or I (two national champion fiddlers) play your instrument to warm it up and make sure everything sounds great so that when you get that fiddle in your hands, you’ll know that it’ll be as ready to go as you are. All of our Fiddle Parlor fiddles have that seasoned look and sound to help you enter any jam session or performance with confidence.

Outfits come complete with bow, case, and fiddle. I selected and guided the set up of each of these instruments to make sure you have a great new addition to your fiddle family!