For many years I have been developing a curriculum to inspire people to learn to play  fiddle in a fun and simple way.  I am finally ready to share the first year long session: Texas Fiddle Foundations 1. Whether you are new to the instrument or the style, or have taken a break from playing, this course covers fundamental fiddle techniques and standard repertoire. The curriculum is designed to simplify the fiddle and help you practice more effectively and enjoyably.  My goal is to perpetuate quality traditional fiddle music and inspire you to progress.

Remember, the most efficient way to use my method is to incorporate 2-3 Practice Buddies per practice session. So, no matter what level you are, I encourage you to start at the beginning to build a strong foundation.  My vision is a 7 year curriculum, I will release 12 lessons yearly to build upon Texas Fiddle Foundations 1.

Additionally, stay tuned for a stretching series, music reading series, improvisation and theory series.

My teaching method is built to help you learn to effectively practice old-time fiddling.  My first and forever musical love is Texas style fiddling.  As the lessons advance over the next couple of years, you will learn more and more about Texas style fiddling.  The history, the musicians and listening resources.  I have chosen tunes which are popular in many jam circles.  Hopefully you will be able to use these tunes to play within your own musical circles.

As questions come up along the way, We can effectively give you feedback with our Progress Reports and Skype Lessons.

Remember, your key to success on the fiddle will be to play with awareness everyday, listen to great fiddlers and most of all have fun!