It was around 2008 when I ventured to the beautiful Colorado mountain town of Kremmling for the first time to play with Mike Music. I enjoyed playing in his band so much. He was gentle and supportive in his demeanor, a killer guitar player/singer, and every gig was sure to be a blast. I was always struck by how calm and cool Mike always was. No matter the situation – and boy, there were situations – I could always count on Mike. Those are great memories.

A number of years later, Mike and his wife Pam moved to Oklahoma and that was the end of that chapter. However, after moving, Mike began jamming with Byrone Berline and really getting into fiddling. I was overjoyed when he joined Mastery 1 and decided to dedicate time to becoming the fiddler that we both knew he could be. Mike performed recently in his Mastery 3 class and I (with tears in my eyes) listened to his perfectly bowed Kentucky Waltz. Mike, you’ve done it!

Read on to discover more about Mike Music and his musical journey.

How long have you been playing?

15 years.

How did you start fiddling?

I was in a band with Katie Glassman and was blown away by Katie’s playing. She was kind enough to squeeze in little lessons for me before gigs. Our friendship grew from those days and I stayed interested in the fiddle. I never really committed to learning ’til about 3 years ago I ran into Katie, and she suggested I try Fiddle School. So now I’m in my 3rd year of Fiddle School and have no plans of stopping.

Before I left Colorado, got a fiddle lesson from Katie. She told me I had the stuff to learn the fiddle. That has stayed with me. So, I’m a fiddle player today because my friend Katie told me I could do it.

What are your favorite styles/songs to play and why?

Texas Swing. It’s in my blood – heard that stuff from childhood. The licks translate to other styles. The vibe is just real. I think me and Bob Wills would have been friends. I play some bluegrass too. It is great fun to sit in a jam and be able to join in on fiddle.

How has Fiddle School influenced your playing?

My friends have noticed a difference in my playing. Fiddle School has taught me discipline. I caught myself reading music the other day!!!!!!! I never read music. The most important benefit has been a “level up” as a musician on guitar and pedal steel. Hard to explain, but it’s there.

What’s the most important thing music brings to your life?

God put music in me, I just let it out. My soul requires music for peace of mind.

Tell us about the musical activities you do outside of Fiddle School.

I have a band, Blue Dirt Project. Look at Oklahoma Mike’s Music Channel on YouTube/listen to Old 44 on all the streaming services. Last time I checked, I earned 11 cents on that one. I am learning pedal steel. Play bluegrass jams. Do some recording.

What is your practice routine like?

Fiddle daily, 30 minutes to a hour. Usually driven by what song is coming up to perform. Guitar and pedal steel, daily. I enjoy the learning process.

Anything else you’d like us to know about your musical life?

Music has been a terrific journey. My family has supported me and my sweet wife always understands when I have a gig. The Fiddle School friendships are the latest in my journey. Didn’t see that coming, but here we are. Love from Oklahoma!

Join us in celebrating Mike’s ongoing musical journey at Fiddle School, and stay tuned for more spotlights on extraordinary fiddlers shaping the vibrant musical community we cherish.