Private Lessons

Customized, one-on-one support to take your fiddling to the next level.

Reach Your Goals – Stay Accountable – Build Good Habits

Uncertain about what to work on when you practice?

How can you improve your technique?
Where’s that pesky extra sound coming from and how can you fix it?
Why do you feel like you’re “floating” on your own—and how can you feel more grounded when you practice?

If you relate to any of the above, there’s good news—I can help! When we work together, I’ll guide you to…

– Plan your practices and take the right steps to improve your playing without reinforcing old
bad habits.

– Focus, save energy, and get you where you want to go faster.

– Overcome longstanding challenges with targeted, step-by-step strategies.

– Stay accountable, build a routine, and achieve your musical goals.

How can private lessons add to your Fiddle School experience?

Lessons are customized and go hand-in-hand with Fiddle School’s online academy to guide you past challenges that might be hard to solve on your own.

Here are a few things private lessons can provide:

  • Tailored practice strategies to help you progress faster
  • Detailed technique support
  • Performance prep: help crafting a solo, cutting tunes for a contest, learning fills, and more
  • Tools to overcome challenge areas in your tunes
  • Deeper insight into music theory
  • Tips on how to sound more musical
  • Regular accountability
  • More clarity on how to achieve your fiddling goals

Sound like something you could benefit from? Sign up for a lesson here and see the impact for yourself.

Here’s what students have said about their experiences taking lessons from Celeste, Fiddle School’s Private Lessons Teacher:

Celeste has been incredible!! She is always able to break down and fine tune the many learning areas—bow lengths and speed, intonation, and especially how I can use the bow properly to get the best sound! She explains technique in a way that I totally understand. She is so calm and kind! I feel that my learning curve has accelerated with Celeste’s help.

Sharon W., Mastery 2 Student

Since I have been studying privately with Celeste, I have made huge progress in my fiddle playing. She sees what’s working and she sees what can be improved, then somehow I end up sounding better right then and there.

What I love about studying fiddle with Celeste is how she gently pushes me to be a better fiddler… I always feel comfortable and relaxed during my lessons. If you have the opportunity to study with Celeste, I know you will have a similar experience and your playing will improve exponentially.

Lisa P., Mastery 4 Student

Celeste is a perceptive and artful teacher. She understands how the fiddler interacts with the fiddle for music to emerge. She speaks encouragingly to my uncertain learner self, with spot-on recommendations about small changes I can try. In this process I am learning to hear music better and to enjoy it more.

I suspect I am becoming a kind of fiddler I could not have imagined. I generally feel timid before a lesson, then feel great during and after it.

Gina B., Fiddle School Student

Celeste is THE best teacher I’ve ever had for anything. She’s very calm, and lessons are relaxed, fun, productive and never boring. Her method is exceptionally effective, without stress or frustration. I HIGHLY recommend her for both people who have played music and those with absolutely no musical experience.

I really can’t say enough about Celeste as both a teacher and a person. Her teaching method is quick, entertaining, and a lot of fun!

Melissa M., Private Lessons Student, Your Content Goes Here

About the Teacher

Celeste Johnson is Fiddle School’s private lesson teacher. She grew up in the fiddling tradition and has a passion for keeping fiddle music alive through teaching. A five-time national champion fiddler, Celeste cares deeply about helping each of her students step into their full potential as musicians. In addition to fiddling, she loves cats, swing dancing, and stopping to smell the flowers.